A not very timely note

This was a blog I once wrote during my high school and early college years. I keep it around for nostalgic purposes, but it is quite obviously no longer updated. I am looking to make a more professional blog presence in the future, but I still like to look at where I was mentally at certain points in time.

- G. Jan 2013

Monday, March 31, 2008

"Motivation" by G.

Motivation. Its like gas for a car, the battery in your I-pod, the caffeine swirling around in your coffee. It's essential, motivation is. Because once you think of some goal that you want to accomplish, you need to keep the fire alive. To stay motivated for anything, you have to know why the heck you are doing it. Throughout your little journey to reach whatever goal you set, you should always keep the end in mind. If you have a motivation that is like a unstoppable inferno then you are a lucky person. Your lucky, because eventually you can accomplish pretty much anything. I'm afraid for anything that goes between you and your goals, cause your motivation will give the one-two punch to anything standing in your way.

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catt said...

That is exacly what i need in my life. It seems that i just dont have what it takes to accomplish what is set infront of me but i have to look at it from a difreant angle.