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This was a blog I once wrote during my high school and early college years. I keep it around for nostalgic purposes, but it is quite obviously no longer updated. I am looking to make a more professional blog presence in the future, but I still like to look at where I was mentally at certain points in time.

- G. Jan 2013

Friday, July 11, 2008

"Life Is What You Program It To Be" by Shinji

A lot of kids and teenagers (even some adults) keep wanting more realistic video games, be they a Grand Theft Auto installment or a wrestling game or whatever. The reason people play video games, however, is so they can do something fake. So why do they want their video games to be as realistic as real life if they know it's fake? Pretty soon the days of the controller will be absolutely gone. Gamers will only think virtual reality is good enough while they're stealing a car, putting a guy in a sleeper hold, or whatever. In my opinion, video games are meant as a break from reality, not an alternate reality. So keep it at that. Graphics don't have to have high high definition quality. Actions can be a button press or twist of the controller.

Not to mention, I've noticed that once kids play video games, they go outside and re-enact the games. I've seen a few local children in my area play a video game (Medal of Honor to be exact, a war game) and then go outside and use toy guns to shoot one another. If that's what is being brought into this world, maybe they could be ones to re-enact violence. Even a few teenagers of today re-enact video game violence. Imagine what this next batch can do.

So let's wrap this up here. Gamers these days constantly demand more realism in the video games they play, despite video games being a break from reality instead of an alternate reality. Children keep re-enacting video game violence, maybe not harmfully but they still re-enact it, and it may become a problem in the future. Don't get me wrong, I am a gamer and I'm not against video games, but maybe some people just take video games a little too seriously.


Lucky Luxie said...

I agree with you completely, video games are a complete waste of time and definitely spilling over into real society. I like your writting style too, but just a little tip; if you're trying to get your message across in a serious manner, words like 'whatever' can make your work seem unpolished.

Love, Luxie <3

Naomi said...

I love video games as well although I wouldn't call myself a gamer. Now I'm trying to get my 14 year old son out of the house. He's constantly on video games. I was out of the house more as a kid than this generation.

Shinji said...

Luxie, I think you misunderstand. I don't dislike video games; I'm a casual gamer. I don't get hardcore into games as I used to, but they're good to pass time. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely use it when I write.

And Naomi, of course you were outside more than your son when you were his age. As video games get more advanced over the years, they also get more addicting. Try to spend time with your son, doing something with him that he likes. Maybe go to the skate park or just go for a drive and have a talk? I could talk all day giving you advice, but I'll leave it at that. E-mail our feedback address if you wish to discuss more and I will get back to you there. Best of luck to you in trying to get your son out of the house. =)

Laurie said...

I am in total agreement Shinji. I and my husband too like video games, but they are going a little to far with the making of a majority of the games you can now buy.
We are not gamers really either, especially now that we have a 2 1/2year old.
I was shocked at some of the war video games too at how graphic and bloody they were.
I do understand and again agree with the points you are making here.

Pyro said...

Lol Well you have the experience mate considering you spent a good 3-4 years playin eo and THAT my friends is bad graphics but hell who gives if it is realistic man. although you are right some stupid idiots do re enact the stuff they see, but don't generalize it like that, Cuz some people DONT re-enact they actually do the real thing. me for instance, Some people say I do swordplay and my other martial arts to be just like people in games and movies. which I dont THANK YOU VERY MUCH JIMMY >_>. I do it for the thrill and the fact that its practically in my blood >.< Well Good post tho mate and geez I wrote too much >.<.... Stupid ranting. Anyways eep up the good work