A not very timely note

This was a blog I once wrote during my high school and early college years. I keep it around for nostalgic purposes, but it is quite obviously no longer updated. I am looking to make a more professional blog presence in the future, but I still like to look at where I was mentally at certain points in time.

- G. Jan 2013

Friday, October 31, 2008

"The Ability" by G.

So I've heard that everyone is good at something. That we each have some kind of skill that makes us unique. Well that makes everyone's self worth go up a fraction of a point, but how do we find this ability?

Well I definitely don't believe that we just have some special skill built into our brains or something ridiculous like that. But I do think that our own traits and mindsets can predispose us to certain things. For instance, someone who has been around books all their lives and reads them regularly probably has a better arsenal and command of vocabulary. This could allow them to be a good writer or a fast reader. People who started playing sports early probably have better coordination and strength. But these are very simple and static examples. We can't possibly know everything about ourselves; there is much in our subconscious that we aren't aware of. So to find what abilities we have
, we need to learn more about ourselves. But how do we do this?

Well the easiest way... trial and error. You have to try many new things to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Once you have this information, we can try things that fit into that mold and see what we might possibly have a gift for. It's like buying a pair of shoes. You keep trying on different pairs until you find one that fits and is comfortable. You might learn that you don't have the best writing skills, or maybe you can't jump very far. But as you narrow things down, certain things might catch your eye. Maybe you have a knack for writing code, or you can throw a mean punch. Whatever it is, you acknowledge your weaknesses but discover strengths in return.

So you found a new skill... but what to do with it? The possibilities are infinite. But the only way to find the perfect shoe for your mental feet is to keep on trying them until you find the best pair. And when you do, you have gained a possibly interesting new hobby, or even a job opportunity. Maybe we will never know every last thing about ourselves, but we sure as hell can try.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"The Mission" by G.

Ya know, we don't usually do things without having a reason behind them. We eat to satisfy our hunger. We work to get the money we need to survive. We have certain hobbies because we enjoy doing them. So I suppose you could say that most of the things we do are guided by some kind of a reason; maybe even a mission. But fulfilling dreams is a bigger thing altogether, it isn't as black and white as like, eating to survive. I think that to get what we want more effectively, we need some kind of guide. A guide of our own creation. A "Mission".

I mean, most of the time we have the gist of what we want to do. But unfortunately, those dreams just sit in our head, and they never surface and shine like they should. Why? Well, life today is more complicated than it used to be. People have to work even harder to keep what they have, and time has turned into more of a scarce resource than is healthy. Our dreams lay dormant inside our heads, inspiring us for a few brief moments. But the stress and demands of life overpower this inspiration, and hence we never get that trigger to begin bringing our dreams to life. The only way we can reclaim time is to carve it out yourself.

But what if you had an external guide? Your dreams personified into a single sentence that you can look at everyday. If we choose to give ourselves a mission, instead of living life aimlessly, we have something to look up to that is all our own.
Dreams can lose their way in the rush hour traffic of deadlines and worries driving around your mind at 90 miles an hour. So take them out of there and turn it into something that you can see everyday. Write it down and hang it on your wall. Make it the screen saver on your computer. Whatever it takes to get you to be constantly reminded of what you really want to do and be in life. You will find that soon enough, you will no longer need this mission on paper, because it is now a true part of you after seeing it for so long.

On a side note, I'm terribly sorry for not updating in so long, and I thank any readers who actually check my blog :D So a grand thank you to y'all.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Self-Restraint" by G.

Just recently I was reading the news and saw yet another incident that caught my eye. A seventeen year old boy was stabbed in a parking lot; it turned out to be over some girl. Anger is one of the most dangerous emotions, but having self-restraint can prevent many things, including extremes like this one. Especially in today's world, with the various diverse thoughts and ideas of the collective, there is bound to be conflict. Many people worry about things that they can't control. But the one thing that is constant is that you are almost always able to control your own actions. We should spend less time worrying about the many factors that are beyond our grasp, and work to shape and control our own behavior. The truth is, we can't truly change other people, but perhaps by controlling ourselves other people will take notice and try to take some kind of action in their own lives. Self-restraint is a powerful skill, and just the act of witnessing it can cause people to think a little bit. If those two guys had the sense to think about what they were fighting about before anger lead one of them to use a knife, a promising future would not have been tragically cut short. It's a extreme example, but we can't deny that we all have our flaws and restraining them is better for ourselves and everyone else.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

G's Thoughts

I tried to think of a actual topic, but sometimes the mind just can't spawn anything worth discussing. So I'm just gonna talk a little. Just about what's running through my mind right now. Take from it what you will.

I'm not content. There is always a battle of sorts going on in my head. There are so many things that I want, but so many things that I need also. And the state of the world isn't helping. You know how the economy is. It's almost like I can feel some of my dreams slipping away. That juvenile game known as Politics rages on. People bicker and argue about things that should not be on a pedestal. Yeah... this all kinda sucks.

But there are so many good things as well. But the best good things are the ones that are simple. I like to watch the sun rise. A new day. It almost feels like a blissful awakening. Smooth breezes and flowing streams of water. Calmness. I also take time to look away from myself and look at the plight of others, and see how lucky I really am. When you can see the beauty in things where there appears to be none, you are a wise individual.

But there are still things I want to improve. I want to decipher the secrets to genuinely good writing. If people read anything I wrote on this blog and felt some kind of connection, then that would be a victory. A piece of writing is a small thing, but the simplest things can make you the happiest. And who doesn't want to be a better person? At least that's something to strive for.

So we are at a uncertain point in time. Many different things can happen, and the paths can branch off into many different futures. But I still think that there are constants no matter what will happen. We still have to take time to enjoy the simple things in life. We should have goals, and try not to let them be dampened by what is happening around us. If it was my time to leave this world tomorrow, would I be content with myself and what I've done? We have the choice to make the answer to that a "yes".

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Life" by G.

Yeah after countless hours of thinking (naturally) , all roads lead to this same topic. Lets talk about life. Life means many things. It's the tree in your backyard. The blades of grass that line the ground in neat or messy rows. That fly that you keep trying to shoo away but it's just too fast. The sea and the whole lively world beneath it. Life can also be the movement of a bustling city. The whirring of a computer. Even the flow of traffic snaking throughout the highways. That's life. Now let's talk about the lives of people.

When we are born, you could say that a blank book is created. This book will be filled throughout a person's lifetime. With memories, emotion, knowledge, dreams... This is your mind, alive and functioning. What a fascinating journey it would be to be able to read the book of another's mind. These books are shaped by the times, people's experiences, social and economical class, and many other things. One question that people have been struggling with for a long time is, what is the purpose of life? Well I say, why must you have a set purpose? You have a brain and a wonderfully complex mind; we could safely say that if you really want a purpose, you should try to learn as much as possible about the world around you. Make your book a more interesting one. But lets switch gears, and go from the life in our minds to life in reality.

We obviously have the need to survive. To work and earn the money to sustain ourselves, then go forth to fulfill bigger dreams. I think we all have a kind of mental picture of how we view the state of the world. I personally can't say that it's a very good state right now. Good for some, but bad for many more. What should we do? Well to get straight to it, you only have one life. What do you plan to do with it? To live the mediocre life? To stay in the bounds of what "society" deems right? I say to you, go out and do something new. Take risks. Meet People. And most of all, learn as much as you can about everything and everyone. There's so much to see and do. By setting yourself apart just a little from the 6.7 Billion people on this planet, you have already given your life a greater significance. When you are open to anything, and have no irrational fears, then your life will not be chained down.

I part with you on this note. Live well and freely. Open yourself and your mind to new experiences and discoveries. Become who you want to be.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Hey there. I wish I had something new to post here, but the time constraints are kinda kicking me hard. I'll try to get something new this week I swear xD. Maybe you can give me some ideas by commenting or something. If you do actually check this blog from time to time, then I thank you profoundly. Hope everyone is hanging in there alright. We are going through some rough times, but this is still the one life we have to live, and we probably shouldn't waste it with over-worry. That's about it, I'm out for now.