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This was a blog I once wrote during my high school and early college years. I keep it around for nostalgic purposes, but it is quite obviously no longer updated. I am looking to make a more professional blog presence in the future, but I still like to look at where I was mentally at certain points in time.

- G. Jan 2013

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The Barrage" by G.

Your mind is a bunker. Little planes in the sky are constantly dropping packages of burning napalm on it. I've just summarized life in two sentences. We live, and we are constantly being challenged with new problems. But don't label me as a pessimist just yet. This post isn't about problems; it's about how we deal with the barrage.

And how do we deal with things? When it finally hits you, and you start to feel overwhelmed; how do you act? It's real easy to say that a person should just be calm; actually being calm when faced with your own personal barrage of stress is not that simple. I tend to try and dodge my thoughts from my problems; not a good practice. But those little packages of stress dotting my mind with little craters are just not pleasant. We all deal with life in different ways; some better than others. But if there was anything that man ever wanted to know, it would probably be the magic formula to solving any problem. Is there such a thing? I'm sure if I went to a mountain and pondered that for a few decades it would reveal itself to me. You know what I can tell you? The simplest thing that you can control. Face the stress. It's the only way. We can dodge it, deny it, run away from it; but at the end of the day, those planes are still pounding away at your bunker. No one is going to launch a counterstrike for you. Sometimes you really do just have to swallow your fear, and face your stress as it's equal.

The Barrage of stress is a eternal concept; it's severity is entirely up to you. Either stress will lead you around on a leash, or you decide to take control. We accept many things for what they are, not knowing that we can choose not to. Life dosen't last forever. There are inner demons to fight, stresses to deal with and fears to master. But you don't need to call Ghostbusters for this; your mind's arsenal has everything it needs. All you got to do is take a chance, and face the Barrage head on.

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