A not very timely note

This was a blog I once wrote during my high school and early college years. I keep it around for nostalgic purposes, but it is quite obviously no longer updated. I am looking to make a more professional blog presence in the future, but I still like to look at where I was mentally at certain points in time.

- G. Jan 2013

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sir's Random Dashes of Inspiration - Fromager's Tribulations (Part 1)

Oh golly, another witty story from Sir? What a bunch of privileged readers you are!

Ah, but enough modesty, on to the reading of the beginning of this cheesy (you'll get the bad pun soon enough) adventure!

Once upon a time, in the little town of Fromager, whose principal economical activity was the exportation of cheese lived happy people. Alas, an evil wizard named Patrick decided to command all the mice to take the cheese to his crooked, black tower, for he was hungry. So the mice obeyed to the fat, evil and ugly slob. Little did they know an alert John decided to go down to his cellar that day…

As John descended into his cellar, he slowly took note of the shortage of cheese that was afflicting it. Of course, he went up to his father and directly asked him: “Father, where is the cheese?”
- Well, son, an evil wizard named Patrick decided to take it all to his tower, and eat it for himself!
- But… That’s mean! I mean, how are we supposed to make a living?
- Yes, but you are brave, and I have magical scissors imbued with the power of speech, which are called Jordan, that I will hand down to you this right instant.
And at that moment, John’s father handed him Jordan, the magical scissors.“Go, go, my son, and take our cheese back!” yelled the old man.

On these words, John went on a magical adventure to save Fromager’s economical situation.

Wow! Lucky you, you even got a piece of ORIGINAL ART!
Gotta love bad drawing skills, oh yes.
Credit for the drawing goes to a friend of mine and another guy, as well as me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Control" by G.

We all want it. Actually, it's not just a want; it's a need. Because if we lack control, it's fear that takes its place. And that is what I want to address today; just how the idea of control is integrated into our lives.

There are two ways of looking at control. It could just mean that things are stable; that you're in your comfort zone. It could also literally mean that your in control of a situation. Whatever way you look at it, control seems to bring us a feeling of safety. Since we are holding the puppet strings, we can try and prevent bad things from happening. Control is a powerful aspect of society, but I'm not saying that it's incredibly bad or anything. On the contrary, without control, the world would probably be in a state of mass chaos; one where it probably would truly be the survival of the fittest. In a society this big, with millions of people that glow with the spark of intelligence, conflict is inevitable. So why aren't we all hunting deer and having mortal combat with elephant tusks? Because out of the masses, certain people have taken control. Governments were formed, agreements and truces signed, and the intellectual was allowed to blossom. In this view, control has kept the world in a relatively stable state. But the problem really isn't with the idea of control is it?

No, the problem is with the people wielding control. Control is just a static idea; a human being has a brain that can be manipulated like clay. Governments and such will never be perfect, simply because we are human, and our flaws allow for the abuse and misuse of control. Dictatorships, slavery; examples of control gone amok. So if we don't feel in control, we feel fear. If the people in charge lack or abuse control, some form of chaos is likely.

In the end, we can't rely on a higher power in our society to give us a sense of control. Control shouldn't be thought of as domination; it's simply being the master of your own life. It's being able to grapple with challenges without fear. To never feel regret or sadness. To be in control is to know who you are, and with that knowledge gain the ability to change the things around you.

But this is just what I think. How do you view control? By all means, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sir's Random Dashes of Inspiration - Happiness

Happiness is an abstract concept. A lot of people (and I mean A LOT) have no idea what happiness is. I’m not saying those people aren’t bright, I’m just saying that they haven’t found something that manages to really make them enjoy something. Others have a wider conception of happiness, something more thoughtful.

The way I see it, happiness isn’t something you conceive in a moment and keep forever. A conception is shaped by the events that befall us in our lives, by the people we hang out with, by the way we think.

According to what I just said, I can’t really say I have a very good conception of happiness. I have wished for inaccessible things for too long and so I haven’t really jotted down a “real” conception of happiness in my mind yet… Thus, I don’t really know what makes me happy. You know, I’m not very picky or anything, it’s just I don’t really enjoy stuff like most people do. But that’s ok. Do you know why? Because even though there aren’t much things that do please me, there still are some.

Sure, you don’t get to do those things every day, but that’s a good thing, because if you did, you’d get bored pretty fast. You might not have a passion or any particular aim, so you might consider lazing off. Sure, lazing off can be relaxing and stuff, but it’s never satisfying. However, doing little things that bring you even a small level of fun can fill that time. Honestly, though, I hate not doing anything. Who doesn’t? And think of it this way : I'm probably the most pessimistic guy you will ever meet. So, what's holding you back?

But that’s not the point here.
You’ve probably read this and thought : Man, this guy can sure say a lot of stuff without really meaning anything.

And you’re right.

But, hey, don't tell me it didn't at least make you think for a little bit?
Anyways, to get to the point : Contempt is not a solution!
Find your inner awesomeness, enjoy it, let others enjoy it and spread the happiness.
If you don’t, the boogeyman will eat you in your sleep. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Season Transition: Quick Note from G.

The first day of spring is here... took it's sweet time coming. Not that it makes much of a difference; the weather is incredibly random no matter what day it is. But it's a sunny day; good sign I suppose.

I just wanted to mention that tomorrow is the one year mark for the existence of this blog. Well that would technically be today, but calendars like to warp things. This blog started out as a lonely little thing; something crafted out of pure boredom. But it's turned into something I never anticipated, and I wouldn't have imagined that people would actually enjoy reading it. One year elapsed since that first day of spring to this one. This has turned into a mental outlet, one that people seem to enjoy visiting; and I thank you humbly for it.

Remember that your comments are always appreciated, as well as any feedback you send us. Thanks for keeping my motivation to do this blog alive.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"The Barrage" by G.

Your mind is a bunker. Little planes in the sky are constantly dropping packages of burning napalm on it. I've just summarized life in two sentences. We live, and we are constantly being challenged with new problems. But don't label me as a pessimist just yet. This post isn't about problems; it's about how we deal with the barrage.

And how do we deal with things? When it finally hits you, and you start to feel overwhelmed; how do you act? It's real easy to say that a person should just be calm; actually being calm when faced with your own personal barrage of stress is not that simple. I tend to try and dodge my thoughts from my problems; not a good practice. But those little packages of stress dotting my mind with little craters are just not pleasant. We all deal with life in different ways; some better than others. But if there was anything that man ever wanted to know, it would probably be the magic formula to solving any problem. Is there such a thing? I'm sure if I went to a mountain and pondered that for a few decades it would reveal itself to me. You know what I can tell you? The simplest thing that you can control. Face the stress. It's the only way. We can dodge it, deny it, run away from it; but at the end of the day, those planes are still pounding away at your bunker. No one is going to launch a counterstrike for you. Sometimes you really do just have to swallow your fear, and face your stress as it's equal.

The Barrage of stress is a eternal concept; it's severity is entirely up to you. Either stress will lead you around on a leash, or you decide to take control. We accept many things for what they are, not knowing that we can choose not to. Life dosen't last forever. There are inner demons to fight, stresses to deal with and fears to master. But you don't need to call Ghostbusters for this; your mind's arsenal has everything it needs. All you got to do is take a chance, and face the Barrage head on.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sir's Random Dashes of Inspiration - Grimvale

Hey hey hey! I've got another story for you guys! This time it's a tad bit less joyful than the last one, however. Anyways, I'll let you guys read it and think what you may think about it!
No morals, just a Random Dash of Inspiration (how conceptual!)

This one's called Grimvale, and I know it is VERY cliché, but hey, if you have any ideas, let 'em loose! (Honestly, the comments board is here for something, guys and girls!)

Dark omens occurred everywhere in the world, while it was still plunged in chaos… Of course, there were in no case any exceptions, especially for Grimvale. Some say the place was haunted… Others had dwindling thoughts about demons lurking in the shadows. There were of course, those that believed that all those were superstitions… Evidently, they all disappeared in mysterious events, reappearing in horrid conditions… Ones were left alive, with their sanity shattered, hell-bent on destroying everything in their path… Others kept their sanity… but alas, their corpse could not support the pain as well. Those ones came back with bodies covered in black scars oozing with puss, a rank odour emanating from their split-open stomachs. These ones were believed to be the sufferers of the worst kind of pain… Well, it seems like everyone was wrong. There was a third state in which the dark beasts and humanoids that snapped from the void decided to bring some people back in… These people came back without their sanity, their body shattered in pieces and sewn back along with other body parts… The result being an atrocity beyond any mortal’s comprehension… An abomination so abhorring, just staring at it made people spill their guts out… These ones were the real wreakers of havoc among the human populace, as they brought, alongside their weapons, deadly diseases. Humankind was thought of as lost in the rotting village of Grimvale… Until finally, light was shed on the bloody massacre. A holy gathering, known only as the “Judgement from Heaven”, found out about Grimvale. Using all the holy rituals and spells contained in their ancient books and scrolls, they could eventually manage to push the demoniac forces back into the seething abyss that spawned them. Since then, people understood that, even though dark omens sway over our worlds, divine protection is always present.

And another picture... Well actually this one was a bit more complicated than that, and no, it's not a little cutout print taken from the intarwebs, sorry to disappoint you :)
However, I will have to ask you guys your opinions and if you have any ideas for it! I was thinking maybe turning the white to silver (never mind the part that's outside of the paler blue outline, it's because of crappy scan cropping) or something like that. PLEASE! If you have ideas or comments, post them! I appreciate criticism more than you might think!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coughing up Hairballs.

Hello people. Just wanted to say that I've been down with a severe flu for the past week, so posts, entrecard, etc were postponed. Hopefully I'll write something soon. Just an update; thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sir's Random Dashes of Inspiration - Lost in the Woods

Sir here with a (very) random story for you guys! Yes, it's very random and yes, it's short and kind of shabby, but there is a point to it.

You know, I just remembered an anecdote where I got lost in the forest…
I told my buddy Julian that I was going for a wild, wild adventure in this forest I knew of, and invited him to come over. After he said yes, I picked up a map, a compass, a first-aid kit, some food and extra clothes, sunglasses and my “Super Extreme Flashlight x200”. I also took a whistle with me, in case I got lost. I’d just whistle 3 times, and Julian would come help me. Well, that was the plan… but I lost the whistle. So I started a fire with my waterproof matches that I bought Sunday morning from the clerk at that convenience store next to the garage where my mum works. Anyways, I started walking around when I thought that if I kept moving they would never find me… So I panicked. Of course, I was very confused and forgot to eat… and set my tent on fire out of frustration. So I called out for my mother, who replied “Carlos, just step outside the rug in your room.” To which I replied “Which one?”
-The ones with little green trees and yellow bunnies and blue grasshoppers that’s inside your room…
So I did!
I just hope that next time I get lost in my bedroom, I’ll remember to take a jetpack with me so I can just fly out.

And now, the moral you've all been reading this incredibly bad text for : Don't start thinking until you start looking first.

And another picture for you guys!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"This is Nightly News, with Mr. Depressing?" by G.

I'm sure you've heard the complaints. The news only focusing on all the bad stuff. Like the Economy being on a downward spiral. In today's weather, a swirling vortex of financial woe has descended on us all and is sucking out our life force like a leech. Yeah, sometimes watching the news makes you want to dig yourself a little bunker and hide with water bottles and multiple cans of Spam. But what exactly do people want? Should the head editor of each newspaper be replaced with a Care Bear? God I hope not. But what would be great is to see some more optimistic news once in awhile.

So when is too much... too much? People want to know what's going on, right? Yeah, the state of the world today isn't a Phillideplhia Cream Cheese commercial or anything like that. And it's not like every news channel or paper is getting on a podium and having heated battles about the end being nigh. I don't think people want news sugarcoated with rainbow sprinkles; they just want to see some positive, heart-warming news once in awhile. And what the heck is wrong with that? Nothing. I know someone would say "Just don't read the news all the time". But I don't want a blindfold over my mind either.

I don't know... while I like being aware of the state of the times, too much bad news makes it harder to find a silver lining on those dark clouds. But I think to be of sound sanity and healthy mind, you can't be bombarded with arrow after barbed arrow. Once in awhile we all need that hopeful piece of reporting that takes our minds off our troubles, if only for that little bit.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Timeless" by G.

Seasons come and go, trees wither and die while new ones poke stems through the soil, and the Jonas Brothers continue to entice preteen girls everywhere while the rest of us groan in agony. Yes, another day passes in this mad, mad world. But even as life moves on, there are some things that don't change. Different objects, places and people; things that have proven themselves worthy of being timeless.

What makes something timeless? Why do we keep our national monuments instead of using them for scrap metal? Why is a smile recognized anywhere? Why do movies like "Star Wars" or "The Godfather" continue to hold a place in our minds, while most movies today go through one ear and come out the other? To be timeless is to be valued; valued in a way that you can't tarnish with age. Heroism is a good example; it's timeless because people have always admired a hero for their bravery and valor. But why am I talking about the idea of being "Timeless"? Because the Timeless provide lessons that will always be relevant, no matter what year it is.

The most well known and famous people throughout history, they could be considered Timeless. Traits like bravery and honesty aren't fads that pass on like a certain hairstyle would. Someone, like George Washington for instance, still lives in the history books because of his role in founding our nation. So why is the idea of being Timeless important? Because it's something that people should strive for. To make their own imprint on society that won't be forgotten. To gain skills and character traits that are universal. People who are followers are only as much as what the spirit and fads of the times lets them be. If we are able to stand on our own two feet, and be outside of the infulence of what's temporary, then you will become timeless.

We will always be somewhat of a product of the times we live in. But if you craft a solid sense of self that exists outside of this loop, then you could become someone who will be admired many decades into the future, no matter how much the world had changed. There's a reason why history takes only one side. Only the winners, the most capable, and the most worthy get to take first place in humanity's biography.

The admirable ones that made a difference continue to live on in books and writings and in the minds of those who remember them. The ones who sit and become one with the crowd will be chained to their time, and eventually pass on with the wind.

So what would you consider to be Timeless? Do tell.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sir's Random Dashes of Inspiration - The Ways of Life

Hey there! Sir here, with the first of my weekly "Random Dashes of Inspiration"!
From now on, as you know, each Monday, I will post something I came up with. It might be a poem, a story, an opinion, pretty much anything. From time to time, I'll also whip out a random image I've created, just for you guys. Feel free to comment on my posts, images or anything, feedback is always appreciated!

Anyways, today's inspirational torrent is a little poem I wrote a while back.

I named it "The Ways of Life"

Sometimes, it's cruel.
Sometimes, it's good.
You might think it's just a duel
between your will and your mood.

Guess what? It really isn't at all.
It's more like a kid toying with us,
like he toys with a ball
which all around the place, he likes to toss

Life... What a joke!
Sometimes, it makes you feel good.
Sometimes, it makes you feel like a worthless bloke.
Life is never to be understood.

What were you thinking?
Were you thinking about a good life?
Keep dreaming...
Or you can pursue that dream, without strife!

You might just fulfill it, you know?
Some people manage to...
They're not that rare, though.
Just keep on trying, you!

Someday, you shall find love.
Someday, you shall find fortune.
That day, salvation will fit you like a glove.
That day, gloom will feel like an old mistune.

Who knows, maybe happiness does exist?
Maybe there is a key to a happy being?
Your loneliness isn't to be missed.
Come on, help your soul to a happy feeling!

Also, a first image!
You can save it if you really want to, I don't mind.

See you on next monday!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cleaning House

Hey everyone, G here; just wanted to talk about some of the changes we've made.
First off there are now three ways to stay connected with Thoughts of G.
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So make sure to try one of those... or all three if your so inclined :P

If you didn't know, there are three other writers besides me on the blog. They all write weekly "columns" that will be posted on the blog. These are:
1. Random Dashes of Inspiration by Sir. on Mondays
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Be sure to read their stuff sometime! As always thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy our writings. We are always open to comments and suggestions on posts or through e-mail, so go right ahead. Have a good one.